Little hope left for missing Ohio couple in year-old case

CLEVELAND (AP) — Family members and law enforcement officials agree there’s little hope a mild-mannered couple last seen a year ago in eastern Ohio is still alive and that it’s likely they were killed by someone.

Sixty-five-year-old Brian Goff and his longtime girlfriend, 56-year-old Joni Davis, were last spotted by a gas station surveillance camera in Belmont County on June 10, 2018. Detectives from the Belmont and Jefferson county sheriff’s offices, the FBI and the state criminal investigation bureau have used cadaver dogs, underwater sonar devices and aircraft to search for the couple.

A Belmont County sheriff’s detective says persons of interest include people “close to the family” but acknowledges it will likely take a confession to solve the case.

The couple’s siblings say it’s confounding why anyone would have wanted to harm them.

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