Los Angeles police nab scooter-riding Bay-area thieves

Police say they’ve broken up a band of scooter-riding robbers from the San Francisco Bay Area who busted into 40 cars over the weekend in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles police say the thieves traveled to Hollywood and used ride-sharing scooters to hit dozens of cars.

Surveillance video obtained by KNTV shows a man ride a scooter to the back of a car, bust out its window, grab a bag inside and pass it to another man on a scooter before they zip away.

LAPD Capt. Cory Palka says “the scooters allow them to maneuver through the community almost at will.”

He says such thefts are an ongoing issue, and that thieves have been taking stolen items up to Oakland to sell them on the street.

Palka says five arrests have been made.

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