Man sentenced for 1987 slaying outside Hollywood nightclub

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A former federal police officer has been sentenced for killing a motorist during a carjacking three decades ago in Hollywood.

Pierre Romain was sentenced Friday to 27 years to life for the 1987 killing.

Prosecutors say the 55-year-old Romain was a young gang member when he shot Jade Clark while trying to steal his customized Nissan outside a Hollywood nightclub. Clark fired back, hitting his killer in the arm.

Romain was arrested after the killing but charges were dismissed for lack of evidence.

He went on to become a police officer guarding Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo.

Romain was rearrested in 2003 after DNA testing on the bloody bullet fired by Clark linked him to the killing.

Romain was finally convicted of first-degree murder two years ago.

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