Man stuck in sewer rescued after workers heard help calls

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania firefighters say a man who was stuck in a stormwater sewer was rescued after construction workers heard the man calling for help from underground.

Video shows the man, who appears to be barefoot, stumbling and being held up by emergency workers as they put him on a gurney.

The workers heard the man yelling for help Tuesday morning in Allentown. Firefighters arrived, opened a manhole cover and helped him up a ladder to street level.

The rescued man was taken to a hospital. His condition is unknown.

It’s unclear how the man got into the sewer and exactly how long he’d been down there. Allentown Fire Captain Bryce Thompsen told WFMZ-TV the man said he could have been down there “between two and four days.” The man did not give any more information.

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