Manson prosecutor: Keep them all locked up forever

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Stephen Kay was a 27-year-old prosecutor fresh out of law school when he joined the legal team that would send Charles Manson and several of his murderous followers to prison.

It’s been 50 years this week since the Tate-LaBianca killings in Los Angeles stunned the nation and made Manson a criminal icon. Kay’s prosecutorial work led to death threats from Manson and others.

Kay says even though five decades have passed, he still looks over his shoulder to see who might be following him.

Manson died in 2017 but some of his followers are living. One, Leslie Van Houten, has been granted parole twice only to have California’s governor overturn it.

Kay put Van Houten behind bars and said she should never get out because the killings were so heinous.

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