Massive California freeway repairs likened to ‘Carmageddon’

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — A section of a major Los Angeles-area freeway will be undergoing repairs for 15 weekends over the next four months, sparking comparisons to “Carmageddon,” a 2011 freeway bridge demolition that many feared would be a traffic nightmare.

The California Department of Transportation began a $134 million pavement repair project Monday on State Route 60 and will undertake another project during the fall to replace bridge structures.

The combination of the two along with other interchange projects has been dubbed the “60 swarm.”

Full directional closures will begin July 26. The eastbound lanes will be closed for eight weekends followed by westbound closures the next seven weeks.

The closures are being compared to LA’s “Carmageddon,” which blocked vital Interstate 405 for 55 hours.

Caltrans is asking motorists to find alternative routes.

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