Meet Big Tech’s new foe – a congressman who fought City Hall

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Can the congressman who took on an entrenched machine politician in Rhode Island also stand up to Big Tech?

Rhode Island Democratic Rep. David Cicilline (sihs-ihl-EE’-nee) is about to find out. He’s leading a House antitrust investigation into the market dominance of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple. The probe will explore whether the online platforms are stifling competition, favoring their own products and threatening democracy.

Cicilline has some experience challenging what he calls the “imbalance of power.”

When he ran to unseat Providence’s then-Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci (see-AN’-see) in 2002, the charismatic and seemingly indestructible politician fought back hard.

Anti-monopoly advocacy is a relatively new cause for Cicilline but those who have followed his career say it fits into a broader trend of siding with the underdog.

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