Mississippi gubernatorial candidate not going for ‘nice guy’

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Republican Tate Reeves was a 29-year-old banker when he won his first statewide office in Mississippi. After two terms as treasurer and the next two as lieutenant governor, Reeves is now trying to become governor.

To advance to the general election ballot in November, he must first win his own party’s nomination. Reeves is competing in a Republican primary runoff Tuesday against Bill Waller Jr., a retired chief justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court.

In a three-person primary Aug. 6, Reeves received 49% to Waller’s 33%.

Reeves is spending more, but Waller points out that a majority already voted for someone other than Reeves.

Waller proposes increasing the gas tax to pay for highways and allowing the working poor to purchase Medicaid coverage. Reeves opposes both ideas.

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