Movement toward less partisan political maps gains momentum

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Voters who have become frustrated by partisan gerrymandering have taken the redistricting task away from lawmakers in a growing number of states.

Over the past decade, eight states have overhauled their redistricting procedures to lessen the potential of partisan manipulation, including four that adopted ballot measures last fall.

More states could consider redistricting changes during the 2020 elections. It’s the last election cycle before the U.S. Census initiates another round of mapmaking for over 400 U.S. House seats and nearly 7,400 state legislative seats.

The current movement began in California for the 2010 Census, when voters approved ballot initiatives creating an independent citizens’ commission to handle redistricting.

Measures touted as redistricting reforms also have passed in Florida, New York, Ohio and — most recently— in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri and Utah.

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