N. Macedonian court rejects Kosovar’s extradition to Serbia

SKOPJE, North Macedonia (AP) — A court in North Macedonia has rejected a Serbian extradition request for an ethnic Albanian former militant from Kosovo who was arrested under an international warrant for alleged war crimes.

The Skopje court says it reviewed all documentation and found that conditions for extradition of the man, only identified as T.M., had not been met.

Kosovo and Serbia have both threatened that relations with neighboring North Macedonia will deteriorate depending on its decision on the former Kosovo Liberation Army member. Kosovo doesn’t want him extradited.

Serbia claims the man, who was arrested last month, committed atrocities against civilians during Serbia’s 1999 crackdown against ethnic Albanian rebels in Kosovo. He denies the charges and is fighting extradition.

If Wednesday’s ruling is appealed, the final decision on extradition rests with North Macedonia’s justice minister.

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