Netflix to give ‘The Irishman’ exclusive theatrical release

NEW YORK (AP) — Netflix will give “The Irishman” an exclusive theatrical release for about four weeks, providing theaters most of November to play Martin Scorsese’s big-budget crime epic before it lands on the streaming service.

Netflix said Tuesday that “The Irishman” will open theatrically Nov. 1 and begin streaming on Nov. 27.

The release plans for Netflix’s most expensive film had been a subject of conjecture ever since the steaming giant greenlit Scorsese’s much-anticipated film.

The director is one of the most ardent proponents of cinema preservation, but he earlier told The Associated Press that he signed up with Netflix without any condition of a theatrical release .

“The Irishman” includes extensive de-aging visual effects to make its star-studded cast appear decades younger. It reportedly cost close to $200 million to make.

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