Network invites ‘The Office’ fans to aromatic dinner party

NEW YORK (AP) — A television network is inviting you to a dinner party with characters from “The Office” — aromatically speaking.

Cozi TV, a network that primarily airs reruns of television classics, said Friday that it is giving away scratch-and-sniff cards for fans to use on Aug. 26 while watching the “Dinner Party” episode of the sitcom.

Aromas include the dinner’s main course and the perfumes marketed by one of the hosts, the character Jan. Melora Hardin, the actress who played Jan, had the awkward party with boyfriend Michael, portrayed by series star Steve Carell.

Hardin will appear on Cozi TV to guide viewers on when to unleash the aromas.

Fans can request that the cards be mailed to them through Cozi TV’s web site or Facebook page.

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