New US-Mexico border barrier charts tricky course near homes

ALONG THE SAN DIEGO-TIJUANA BORDER (AP) — Whether Congress provides more money or not, mapping a course for President Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico can be a tricky task.

Some Mexican homes encroach on U.S. soil, posing a dilemma for U.S. authorities. The path of a new San Diego barrier threatened structures in two Tijuana neighborhoods, including a shrine built by an 84-year-old Mexican man to honor his family and celebrate his recovery from a heart attack.

Sometimes soil and rugged terrain prohibit walls right on the official border. In other areas, the Border Patrol wants space to access the Mexico-facing side for maintenance and repairs.

The Rio Grande marks the border between Texas and Mexico, ensuring that any land barrier on the U.S. side creates space between the wall and demarcation line established in bilateral treaties.

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