No end seen to struggle as Mississippi flood enters month 4

HOLLY BLUFF, Miss. (AP) — It’s month four of an epic flood in the Mississippi Delta, where some people are still struggling to save their homes and some farmers are realizing they won’t plant a single acre this year.

Floodwater now covers 860 square miles north of Vicksburg, and nobody knows for sure when it will be gone.

Residents say it’s the worst flood they’ve seen since 1973. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant goes even further, likening it to the storied flood of 1927.

The fire chief in tiny Holly Bluff says months of stress has people on edge.

The water is trapped inside levees by a floodgate that is protecting the region from even worse flooding by the swollen Mississippi River. It has nowhere to go, because a planned pumping station was vetoed as harmful to the region’s wetlands.

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