NOT REAL NEWS: Brian Stelter not pictured with pipe bomb

A photo of CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter and his wife, Jamie, sitting in their apartment next to a table with a pipe bomb package similar to those sent to high-profile targets in recent days is false.

Stelter told The Associated Press on Thursday that the photo circulating on social media was doctored to include the package. The original photo appeared as part of a feature about the couple’s Manhattan apartment by 6sqft , a New York architecture news site, that ran on Jan. 16.

“This is despicable,” Stelter said. “It was photoshopped.”

Time Warner Center in Manhattan was evacuated Wednesday after CNN received one of the pipe bombs. It was addressed to former CIA director John Brennan, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump. Authorities have intercepted several pipe bomb packages this week, including ones sent to Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, actor Robert De Niro and liberal philanthropist George Soros.


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