NOT REAL NEWS: No gun law exemption for California lawmakers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A widely shared story falsely claimed California lawmakers exempted themselves from the state’s gun laws.

Joe for America is among the sites that have shared the story as far back as 2016, although recent versions circulated again in recent days.

The site reported that the California Senate voted 28-8 to exempt state lawmakers from the state’s gun laws.

A similar provision was part of a bill up for a vote in 2011 that had amended rules governing permits to carry concealed weapons. The Senate passed the measure, but only after a committee had removed language that would have granted California lawmakers an automatic status of “good cause” for permission to carry concealed weapons. The Los Angeles Times had reported in April 2011 that some lawmakers objected to the proposed provision as special treatment.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the legislation into law in October 2011.


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