Oyster Creek, oldest nuclear plant in US, closing Monday

LACEY TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — America’s oldest nuclear power plant, the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station in New Jersey, is shutting down Monday.

The plant in Lacey Township near the Jersey shore will go offline at some point before 1 p.m., although officials will not say precisely when.

Oyster Creek went online Dec. 1, 1969, the same day as the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station near Oswego, New York.

But Oyster Creek’s original license was granted first, technically making it the oldest of the nation’s commercial nuclear reactors that are still operating.

The plant has dealt with corrosion and leaks during its time in service, but its owner, Chicago-based Exelon Corp. says the plant has always been safe.

There will be 98 nuclear power plants operating in the U.S. after Oyster Creek closes.

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