Pasadena suspicious object was container for hiding drugs

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — An investigation of a Southern California bomb scare took an unusual turn with an arrest for misdemeanor drug violations.

The arrest stemmed from a suspicious object found on a U-Haul truck in Pasadena Monday evening. A bomb squad was summoned, the area was evacuated and traffic was halted at the north end of State Route 110 and on a Metro commuter Line.

The object turned out to be an empty cylindrical plastic container affixed to the truck by magnets.

Pasadena police say the investigation led to Theodore Bancarz, who returned the truck to U-Haul.

Police say Bancarz told investigators he used the container to hide drugs and paraphernalia while driving. Police say a similar container with drugs and paraphernalia was found in his Glendale home.

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