PBS film ‘KOREA’ eyes social, political tolls of Korean War

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The PBS documentary “KOREA: The Never-Ending War” examines the lasting social and political costs of the Korean War — a conflict largely forgotten in the U.S.

The film scheduled to air on most PBS stations Monday tells the story of a war that redefined the region from the perspective of families, U.S. veterans and journalists. It also explains why tensions between North and South Korea remain nearly 70 years after a series of diplomatic blunders and violent massacres.

Filmmaker John Maggio says he wanted to create something that wasn’t focused on solely on views of ambassadors and historians but real people affected by the war.

Among those included are Mexican American U.S. Army veteran Homer Garza and former CIA analyst Sue Mi Terry.

Garza discusses the atrocities he saw and Terry talks about how the war split up her family.

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