‘Peace park’ removes United Nations flag after objections

SHERBORN, Mass. (AP) — A “peace park” in a Boston suburb has been forced to take down a United Nations flag after residents objected.

Pacifist Memorial founder Lewis Randa recently removed the flag at the Sherborn, Massachusetts, site because residents of the condo development where it’s located argue that it violates their property agreement.

The Abbey Road Condominium Trust says the 2012 land deal with Randa only allows him to maintain the memorial’s permanent installations, not to add new or temporary ones.

But Randa says that while the UN flag was not part of the original memorial, one had flown for decades on the grounds.

He suggests the dispute is rooted in long simmering opposition to the memorial.

Loretta Heuer, who heads the condo association, says the issue isn’t the flag but about respecting property rights.


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