Police: Footage shows wrongful arrest of Baltimore passerby

BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore police have presented body camera footage that they say shows a veteran officer wrongfully chasing down and arresting a pedestrian who criticized his behavior.

Sgt. Ethan Newberg and a colleague have been suspended after investigators say body camera video disproved the 24-year veteran’s account of an arrest last month. Newberg said the man was “combative and aggressive.”

In video shown to reporters Friday, a passerby crosses a rain-slicked street where officers are conducting a stop. He tells officers they shouldn’t make their detainee sit on a wet curb.

Newberg runs toward the passerby and a second officer tackles him.

Newberg was paid $243,000 last fiscal year, making him among the highest-paid city employees. He’s been charged with assault.

It’s unclear whether Newberg has an attorney who could comment on his behalf.

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