Police investigate suspect death during Los Angeles arrest

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police say a man described as a prowler died as officers arrested him in South Los Angeles.

Detective Meghan Aguilar says the man in his late 20s appeared agitated when officers responded Sunday. She says they didn’t immediately approach him and eventually fired a beanbag round and tried to use a stun gun on him. It wasn’t clear if he was hit by either device.

The Los Angeles Times reports Monday that an ambulance was called after officers handcuffed the man. He died at a hospital.

The LAPD’s chief spokesman, Josh Rubenstein, says the man “had access to items that posed a threat” to the officers. Rubenstein could not say exactly what prompted the officers to use force.

Police Chief Charlie Beck said the suspect was “under the influence of narcotics.” An autopsy is planned.

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