Poll: More Americans say Trump makes race relations worse

WASHINGTON (AP) — A new poll shows more than half of Americans say President Donald Trump has made race relations worse.

Almost 3 out of 5 Americans, or 58%, say race relations in the U.S. are generally bad, and 56% of those in the Pew Research Center’s “Race in America 2019” survey said Trump has made race relations worse.

Only one-fourth, or 25%, said former President Barack Obama made race relations worse.

Roughly two-thirds of Americans, or 65%, also say it has become more common for people to express racist views since Trump took office.

The White House says Trump has repeatedly “denounced racism, hatred and bigotry.”

The poll of 6,637 Americans was conducted Jan. 22 to Feb. 5 with a margin of error of plus or minus 1.7 percentage points.

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