Potential juror yells ‘he is guilty’ and winds up jailed

HONOLULU (AP) — Lawyers say a man called for possible jury duty in Hawaii shouted “he is guilty, he is guilty” outside a courtroom and ended up in jail himself.

The lawyer representing Jacob Maldonado says his client had had a bad day when he made the outburst on Tuesday.

Attorney Jason Burks says Maldonado took a “very improper approach” in his effort.

Maldonado had been called as a possible juror in a Honolulu misdemeanor assault trial.

Lawyers notified Judge Edward Kubo about Maldonado’s outburst.

Kubo declared a mistrial, ordered Maldonado’s arrest on a contempt charge and dismissed the other 44 prospective jurors.

Maldonado spent the night in jail, apologized to the judge on Wednesday and was not charged or fined.

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