Prosecutor: Man killed family over the span of a week

ROSEVILLE, Calif. (AP) — Prosecutors say a man facing murder charges for allegedly killing four relatives in Northern California slayed them over a week in two counties.

Placer County prosecutors say in a complaint filed Wednesday that 53-year-old Shankar Hangud killed two relatives Oct. 7 and a third one the next day in Roseville.

They say the fourth killing happened Sunday in Siskiyou County, where Hangun drove to a police station with the body in his car and confessed to the killings.

The Placer County District Attorney’s office said Hangud’s arraignment Wednesday was continued to Oct. 25.

The data specialist was arrested Monday after he turned himself in to Mount Shasta police, who then called Roseville police.

They found three bodies in his Roseville apartment, about 260 miles (420 kilometers) south of Mount Shasta.

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