Q&A: Theron, Rogen on the comedy of politics, and vice versa

NEW YORK (AP) — The rollout for “Long Shot,” Seth Rogen’s latest film set in the geopolitical world is going better than his last one.

Rogen’s 2014 film “The Interview” prompted the ire of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and led to one of the most damaging corporate hacks in American history. There’s been no such angry response to “Long Shot,” in which Rogen co-stars with Charlize Theron, who plays a glamorous, workaholic secretary of state running for president.

Her hiring of Rogen’s disheveled, idealistic and dedicated journalist character as a speechwriter sets up a deeply funny odd-couple tale with a sweetly sincere romance. It’s received great reviews, and been praised being as a refreshing entry in the rom-com genre that acknowledges today’s deeply partisan political world of today.

“Long Shot ” opens in theaters Friday.

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