Race, power, drive: Elaine Welteroth shares all in new book

NEW YORK (AP) — When she was about to graduate from college, Elaine Welteroth came up with a life plan: She’d hit the top of a magazine masthead, then move into TV, books, film and beyond.

She wasn’t messing around. The 32-year-old is way ahead of schedule after making firsts at Teen Vogue, both as beauty-health director and top editor. She checked off “book” on Tuesday with the release of her memoir, “More Than Enough.”

Welteroth doesn’t hold back about life before and after Teen Vogue, the magazine she left last year after the print edition folded. She tackles race, power, ambition and recovering from corporate burnout.

She told The Associated Press in an interview ahead of the book’s debut that she wants to inspire the next generation of women of color to dream big.

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