Rain brings 2nd California super bloom in 2 years

BORREGO SPRINGS, California (AP) — California is experiencing its second super bloom in two years as a wave of rain-fed bright purple, yellow, and orange wildflowers pops up across its deserts.

The occurrence happens only when rain and warm temperatures set conditions for mass concentrations of wildflowers in the deserts. In California, super blooms happen about once in a decade in a given area, and they have been occurring less frequently with the drought. Having two super blooms in two years is highly usual.

The 2017 super bloom was the best seen in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in 20 years. It drew mass crowds to Borrego Springs, a town of 3,500 that abuts the park.

The latest super bloom is so vivid it can be seen from mountain tops thousands of feet above.

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