Report: Many Uber, Lyft drivers fail to respond to recalls

NEW YORK (AP) — One in six Uber and Lyft drivers in the New York City and Seattle areas are driving vehicles with outstanding recalls, according to Consumer Reports.

But taking a taxi or limousine isn’t necessarily a safer option. Nearly a quarter of traditional for-hire vehicles in New York City also have outstanding recalls, Consumer Reports said .

That means there are cars on the road that have been recalled for issues such as faulty air bags and possible engine failure.

Uber says when a driver has an outstanding recall that’s serious enough to prompt a “do not drive” warning, that driver is deactivated.

Lyft says cars in those markets are inspected before they hit the road.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission, which regulates for-hire vehicles in New York City, sends reminders when vehicles are behind on recalls.

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