Ruling keeps Hawaii man hospitalized in ’06 triple murder

HONOLULU (AP) — The retired U.S. judge who was tied up after a man allegedly shot and killed three people in Honolulu in 2006 says he’s satisfied with a ruling that dismisses all charges but recommits him to a psychiatric hospital.

Capping one of Hawaii’s most infamous cases, a state judge last week found Adam Mau unfit to stand trial and dismissed all charges, including murder and kidnapping.

Mau was accused of taking a taxi to a scenic lookout, where he killed the driver and a couple photographing city lights. He drove to the home of former U.S. Magistrate Joseph Gedan and tied up Gedan, his wife and their housekeeper before fleeing.

Gedan said Monday he has no problem with the ruling as long as Mau remains committed.

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