San Francisco hands out many syringes littering streets

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The city of San Francisco hands out millions of syringes a year to drug users but has little control over how they are later discarded and that’s contributing to dirty streets and hundreds of complaints.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Thursday that the city distributes an estimated 400,000 syringes a month through various programs aimed at reducing HIV and other health risks for drug users.

About 246,000 syringes are discarded through the city’s 13 syringe access and disposal sites. But many of other 154,000 syringes end up on streets, parks and other public areas.

Ten workers whose sole job will be to pick up needles in San Francisco will start collecting them in June.

Syringes discarded in public places have become a nationwide problem amid growing heroin use.


Information from: San Francisco Chronicle,

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