Sewer line backs up in Queens, pushing waste into 300 homes

NEW YORK (AP) — A sewage backup is making for a stinky Saturday near New York City’s Kennedy Airport.

Officials say a water condition is causing human waste to back up into about 300 homes in Jamaica, Queens.

One resident posted photos showing murky brown water covering the floor of a basement bedroom and the bottom of a staircase.

In a tweet around 6 p.m., Mayor Bill de Blasio said crews were making repairs and bringing in pumping equipment to clear up the mess.

The city’s water agency says drinking water is safe and unaffected.

De Blasio says American Red Cross and city emergency management representatives are at the scene to help affected families.

Most residents in the middle-class neighborhood are non-white and about half are foreign born, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

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