Some Thanksgiving menus: Turkey, with a side of impeachment

CINCINNATI (AP) — Some people heading to Thanksgiving gatherings predict it’s not just the turkey that will get roasted this year.

Already polarized over Republican Donald Trump’s presidency, Americans are deeply split on a looming historic impeachment. Many families reflect the nation’s divisions, setting up heated holiday debates in households.

Bryan Wright, of Cincinnati, says “impeachment will definitely come up” as a divisive topic at his extended family’s holiday meal.

Los Angeles-based etiquette coach Elaine Swann advises hosts to have a strategy with “all of this talk about impeachment” in the air along with the aromas of oyster dressing and pumpkin pies.

She will sequester politics talk in a room away from her dining table. She advises having a “family-building” diversion ready such as games or sharing family photos.

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