Son of Iranian-American detainee asks Tehran ‘to show mercy’

WASHINGTON (AP) — The family and attorney of an Iranian-American dual national held in Tehran say his health is rapidly deteriorating and are appealing to the Iranian authorities to allow him to leave for medical treatment.

Babak Namazi, the son of Baquer Namazi, is asking Iran “to show mercy to my father.”

Baquer Namazi, 81, has been held in Iran for over two years. He and his son Siamak Namazi were convicted of collaborating with a hostile power in 2016 and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The elder Namazi has been diagnosed with narcolepsy in addition to battling a heart condition in prison.

Babak Namazi and the family’s attorney say they believe direct engagement between the U.S. and Iran is “critically important” to secure the release of the elder Namazi.

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