South Dakota asks court to let execution proceed

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — The state of South Dakota is asking a court to reject an inmate’s objection to the lethal drug scheduled for use in his execution.

Charles Russell Rhines is scheduled to die next week for the 1992 fatal stabbing of a doughnut shop worker. Rhines moved last week to block the execution by arguing that pentobarbital, commonly used to euthanize animals, doesn’t act quickly enough.

The state argued in its filing Monday that Rhines’ argument is based on pentobarbital’s performance in a low-dosage setting, and that it works quickly enough when given in high doses. The drug has been used in recent executions in Georgia, Missouri and Texas.

The state also argued that Rhines’ objection could have been brought long ago.

An exact date for Rhines’ execution hasn’t been announced.

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