Spanish cinema great Almodóvar plans his 1st film in America

NEW YORK (AP) — Pedro Almodóvar has found international acclaim with the 21 films he’s shot in his native Spain. Now he’s setting his sights on making his first film in North America.

Almodóvar tells The Associated Press his next production will be set in Texas and would be mostly in English, with some bilingual scenes shot in Mexico.

The director says he has the story mapped out in a first draft of the script and while some work still needs to be done, he’s hoping it’ll be his next film.

Almodóvar’s latest film, “Pain and Glory,” is being released Friday release in the US.

The film is Spain’s Academy Awards submission for best international feature film, which will give Almodóvar more time in the U.S. over the next few months to promote it.

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