Spill revelation raises questions about North Dakota system

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — The North Dakota Health Department’s acknowledgment this week that a 2015 pipeline leak of liquid natural gas was bigger than publicly documented raises questions about how many other spills and leaks are underreported.

And state officials weren’t immediately able to answer that Wednesday.

In July 2015, Oklahoma-based Oneok Partners reported a 10-gallon (8-imperial gallon) spill of natural gas condensate from a pipeline at a plant near Watford City.

The estimated size of the spill was never updated, even as Oneok updated the state on cleanup. In October, Oneok told the state it had recovered 240,000 gallons (nearly 200,000 imperial gallons) of the liquid gas.

State Environmental Quality Chief Dave Glatt says the agency does not update initial public reports of spill but is considering doing so in the future.

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