Spotty ice expected on roads as thawing snow refreezes

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Officials are warning of another day of dangerous road conditions after a wintry snowstorm walloped several Southern states.

While sunny skies helped North Carolina and Virginia thaw on Tuesday, temperatures dropped again overnight. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper warned that any moisture left on roads from melting snow could turn into ice again Wednesday morning.

The snow blanketed much of North Carolina with snow, and some areas saw accumulations of more than 2 feet (.6 meters).

Cooper also warned runoff from snowmelt could combine with an expected rainstorm this week to increase the flooding threat along some rivers. Rain was forecast for Thursday and Friday.

The storm was blamed for at least three deaths in North Carolina. The state’s Highway Patrol had responded to 2,300 accidents as of Tuesday.

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