Stalemate still on as N Carolina legislature ends this year

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and his Republican rivals fought to a draw as the North Carolina legislature adjourned its longest annual session in nearly 20 years this month. It may take the November 2020 elections to break the logjam.

Republicans had controlled state government for much of this decade until recent political gains for Democrats, including Cooper’s 2016 election. Democratic gains in the legislature in 2018 narrowed GOP seat advantages and increased Cooper’s leverage with his veto stamp. None of Cooper’s 14 vetoes this year have been overridden.

Cooper’s most consequential veto came in June, when he blocked the two-year state budget approved by Republicans — partly over the lack of Medicaid expansion. Republicans wouldn’t go for expansion, leading to a monthslong stalemate that’s unlikely to be resolved soon.

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