Striking impeachment testimony, no signs yet of GOP cracks

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional Republicans are showing no overt signs of abandoning their support for President Donald Trump.

But there is a GOP guardedness about the impact of revelations like Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony and what disclosures remain.

For now, the partisan split is the latest demonstration of how Democrats’ impeachment inquiry has left the two parties inhabiting different political universes.

Democrats said Sondland’s testimony Wednesday was a bombshell. He connected Trump’s demands that Ukraine investigate Democrats to his willingness to meet that country’s new president.

Sondland said he later learned that delivering U.S. military aid was also predicated on Ukrainian investigations of his political foes.

Yet GOP lawmakers minimized Sondland’s appearance. They said his revelations about how Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani had delivered Trump’s demands to diplomats had not changed their minds.

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