Survivors’ advice for others touched by shootings: Seek help

CINCINNATI (AP) — For those who survive deadly shootings, the scars are not only physical.

Trauma experts say emotional and psychological wounds are slow to heal.

People caught in the middle of a downtown building shooting in Cincinnati one year ago Thursday say they struggle with frequent reminders that trigger bad memories.

Jim Meyers was standing next to two co-workers who were shot at close range. One died.

The shots missed Meyers, but the gunman left his mark. Meyers sees his haunting face every day.

Whitney Austin somehow survived 12 close-range gunshots. She feels victimized again by new U.S. mass shootings. The Cincinnati gunman’s first victim Brian Sarver doesn’t understand why he survived while others died.

Their advice for others across America affected by shootings: Ask for help in recovering.


Associated Press reporter Angie Wang contributed from Cincinnati. Follow Dan Sewell at

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