Suspect in serial killings lived suburban California life

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. (AP) — The man authorities say is among the worst serial killers and rapists in U.S. history is a 72-year-old Vietnam War veteran, former police officer and grandfather who lived quietly in a tidy, suburban California home. 

Joseph James DeAngelo was described Wednesday as an odd but decent neighbor in the Sacramento suburb of Citrus Heights.

Neighbors said he kept to himself but was quick to anger and could often be heard loudly cussing in frustration over a landscaping issue or other minor annoyance.

He served as a police officer for six years until the Auburn Police Department fired him in 1979 for shoplifting a hammer and dog repellent.

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones said DeAngelo’s police training may have helped him commit the crimes.

Neighbors say he lived with an adult daughter and granddaughter.

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