Sweet mess: Syrup spills at edge of French Quarter

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Crews spent the night removing syrup from one block of a four-lane street along New Orleans’ French Quarter. Police say a container truck spilled about 1,000 gallons (3,800 liters) of the sticky stuff Monday evening.

Rampart Street runs between the French Quarter and Treme (truh-MAY) neighborhoods. Its two eastbound lanes were blocked off until midmorning Tuesday.

Police spokesman Aaron Looney said in an emailed news release that one lane would close again Tuesday to ensure streetcar tracks were syrup-free.

Police say the trucker was cited for improper loading and size and weight limit violations.

Police statements didn’t identify the trucker, trucking company or kind of syrup, or describe its packaging. Looney said he would check for those details, but the incident report wasn’t yet complete Tuesday morning.

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