Teen mom, newborn eye new life from Tijuana migrant shelter

TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — A 1-month-old boy born to a Salvadoran teen is starting his life at a migrant shelter in Tijuana.

Milagro de Jesús Henríquez Ayala says the cramped cinderblock room she shares with about 25 other migrants is not ideal for raising her newborn son, but the 16-year-old mom says it is better than her violent homeland that she fled with her younger sister, Xiomara.

The sisters are among an untold number of Central American youths who traveled without parents, accompanied only by other migrants in a caravan that crossed Mexico and landed in crime-ridden Tijuana in November. Henríquez Ayala got pregnant by a boyfriend shortly before arriving.

They say they no longer seek the American dream. They now hope to build a life in Mexico.

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