‘The Sopranos’ creators look back at a TV show that slayed

NEW YORK (AP) — Back in 1997, then-up-and-coming actor Michael Imperioli was mulling two work offers: a cable TV show pilot and a small role in a Woody Allen film.

The script for the TV show didn’t seem so special to him. On the other hand, he had long admired Allen. He couldn’t do both and was leaning toward doing the film.

But, he says, that would have been “the dumbest mistake” of his life. The reason was simple: The TV show was “The Sopranos,” which this year is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The six-season show would win 21 Emmys and become the first cable series ever to win the Emmy for outstanding drama series. It also earned Imperioli an acting Emmy in 2004.

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