Time’s Up asks NBC to release NDAs, hold independent probe

NEW YORK (AP) — Time’s Up has called on NBC Universal to release all former employees from non-disclosure agreements that might be preventing them from speaking out about sexual misconduct.

The Hollywood-based organization is also calling for NBC to hold an independent investigation into its workplace culture.

Tina Tchen, incoming president and CEO of Time’s Up, says NBC Universal didn’t go far enough with its statement, first reported by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Friday night, that employees should contact the company in order to be released from any “perceived obligation” to remain quiet. She says NBC should simply state that everyone is free to speak without fear of retaliation.

Maddow sharply criticized her employers on her show Friday, expressing concern that the network had thwarted journalist Ronan Farrow’s reporting on allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

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