Tolerant San Francisco fed up with dirty, smelly streets

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco may have hit peak saturation with tent camps, stinky urine and trash littering its filthy streets and a new interim mayor has vowed to do something about it.

In the last few weeks, Mayor Mark Farrell has promised $750,000 to hire more people to pick up discarded needles and $13 million over the next two years for more heavy duty steam cleaners and pit stop toilets.

The city famed for its views of the San Francisco Bay and its compassion for the needy has long tolerated overflowing trash bins and homeless people camped out on sidewalks.

Commuters routinely walk past people slumped over in transit stations, sometimes shooting up in public .

But Farrell and others say people do not feel safe using city sidewalks anymore.

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