‘Tom, this is the sheriff.’ Joe Arpaio, 87, runs for old job

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz. (AP) — Joe Arpaio is aiming to get back his job as metro Phoenix’s sheriff even though he could easily walk away from politics and enjoy retirement.

The former six-term sheriff denies he’s running to stroke his ego, quench a thirst for publicity or lessen any boredom he might be experiencing.

Instead, the 87-year-old says he wants to do whatever he can to help President Donald Trump and vows to bring back his immigration crackdowns and complex of jail tents.

Arpaio is facing criticism that he can’t accept his crushing losses in the 2016 sheriff’s race and a 2018 U.S. Senate primary. A close friend says his identity is centered around being a sheriff. And it’s clear Arpaio doesn’t realize the way he talks about racial minorities leaves many shaking their heads.

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