Totenberg Stradivarius reborn 4 decades after theft

A Stradivarius violin stolen four decades ago from the virtuoso Roman Totenberg and returned to his family by a federal prosecutor came alive again — at the crime scene.

Nineteen-year-old star violinist Nathan Meltzer revived the prize instrument of the late Polish-born musician on Friday at a public concert in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He played the same music as Totenberg did minutes before his Stradivarius disappeared one night in 1980. The thief was a former student, and the violin was eventually found in a California attic.

Recovered by the FBI, it was returned to Totenberg’s daughters four years ago by the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan.

Nina, Jill and Amy Totenberg were at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge for Friday’s concert.

The instrument is now on loan to the teenage soloist.

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