Trafficker: Honduran president sought money for campaign

NEW YORK (AP) — A Honduran former drug trafficker has testified that Honduras’ president wanted thousands of dollars in bribes from him for his re-election campaign in 2017.

Amílcar Alexander Ardón says on the witness stand in a Manhattan court that in return he would receive protection for his smuggling activities.

Ardón also alleges that President Juan Orlando Hernández asked him to bribe mayors in two departments, or provinces, “because their polls had low numbers.”

His testimony came on the fifth day of the drug trial against Hernández’s brother, Tony Hernández.

The president tweeted Tuesday that Ardón was lying and he never took any money at all.

He accused the “CONFESSED KILLER of 56 people” of conspiring with other criminals to get revenge on him.

President Hernández is not charged in the case.

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